DeLaval is pleased to have this opportunity to share their knowledge of the dairy industry with the key communicators in the agri media.
DeLaval Ltd is a world leader in milking, cleaning and feeding technology. It has been operating in Ireland since 1930. Over 100 people are directly or indirectly employed working with its nationwide network of dealers.
A significant quantity of products is sourced in Ireland for its world wide operations thereby making a significant contribution to local employment. It is part of the Tetra Pak group -one of the world’s largest suppliers of packaging systems for milk, drinks etc. In co-operation with customers and suppliers the group helps to develop safe and sustainable food production and distribution systems.

AIB is Ireland’s leading Bank and has always been closely associated with the agricultural sector. AIB is the bank of choice to 4 in 10 of Irish farmers and as a result the agricultural sector continues to form a major portion of its’ business. AIB’s support for the industry exists on a number of levels, from its’ recently expanded Agri Advisory Service to their extensive sponsorship programme including the Guild of Agricultural Journalist awards.
David Rath, Business and Agri Strategy Manager said: “AIB is delighted to continue to support of the Guild of Agricultural Journalist. The Awards serve to encourage and acknowledge excellence and we are delighted to help reward Guild members for the contribution they are making to agriculture in Ireland.”

Kerry Group
Kerry Group has sponsored the Michael Dillion lecture for a number of years with the Guild. Kerry is one of Ireland’s most successful home-grown companies. Established in 1972, Kerry is now a world leader food ingredients and flavour products.
Spanning all major food categories, Kerry’s core technologies and global resources in culinary, dairy, lipid, meat, cereal, sweet and beverage systems and flavours provide innovative, practical product solutions to food manufacturers and foodservice companies.

Awards 2018

  • 11-EU9A8902
  • 12-EU9A8904
  • 13-EU9A8920
  • 14-EU9A8926
  • 15-EU9A8931
  • 16-EU9A8937
  • 17-EU9A8941
  • 2-EU9A8863
  • 20-EU9A8954
  • 21-EU9A8957
  • 23-EU9A8970
  • 24-EU9A8972
  • 25-EU9A8983
  • 27-EU9A9002
  • 28-EU9A9006
  • 29-EU9A9010
  • 3-EU9A8865
  • 30-EU9A9015
  • 32-EU9A9031
  • 33-EU9A9038
  • 35-EU9A9054
  • 36-EU9A9058
  • 37-EU9A9066
  • 39-EU9A9090
  • 4-EU9A8870
  • 41-EU9A9095
  • 44-EU9A9128
  • 47-EU9A9147
  • 48-EU9A9189
  • 51-EU9A9199
  • 52-EU9A9207
  • 55-EU9A9216
  • 56-EU9A9219
  • 57-EU9A9225
  • 58-EU9A9235
  • 59-EU9A9241
  • 6-EU9A8877
  • 60-EU9A9246
  • 61-EU9A9252
  • 62-EU9A9261
  • 63-EU9A9274
  • 65-EU9A9297
  • 66-EU9A9315
  • 68-EU9A9334
  • 7-EU9A8882
  • 74-EU9A9362
  • 76-EU9A9368
  • 77-EU9A9379
  • 8-EU9A8890
  • 9-EU9A8894