Wilson’s Country Host NI Chapter 2017 AGM

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From left, Lewis Cunningham and Angus Wilson of Wilson’s Country Foods with 2017-2018 office bearers Sam Butler, Chairman; Tom Morrow, Treasurer and Michele Filippi, Secretary Guild of Agricultural Journalists NI Section.

The Co. Armagh agri-food business, Wilson’s Country, hosted the NI Guild AGM recently. Angus Wilson started the business from the family farm in 1980s. It now employs over 100 staff who work from a 6 acre site at Portadown in County Armagh. Wilson’s Country is a leading potato packer and processor holding key accounts with many of the leading food retailers in the country. Angus Wilson, and Managing Director Lewis Cunningham updated Guild members on recent performance and the prospects for the business. Maincrop potatoes this year were two weeks ahead of schedule due to the mild spring and good growing season.  Whilst volume sales were down on the year due to a mild winter, the market for convenience, prepared potatoes has delivered double digit growth. At the AGM, Chairman Sam Butler thanked Wilson’s for their hospitality. He noted and welcomed seven new members to the Guild in the past year. He thanked all the sponsors of events throughout the year for the support they gave to the work of the Guild. These included Danske Bank, Food Standards Agency, Johnston Gilpin, the RUAS, United Feeds, Ulster Bank and Bank of Ireland. Congratulations for fellow member James Campbell MBE were placed on record. James was recently awarded an MBE for services to Agriculture.
The office bearers re-elected to the positions of Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary were Sam Butler, Tom Morrow and Michele Filippi in that order. The committee serving for 2016/2017 was re-elected for 2017/2018: Richard Halleron, James Campbell, Richard Wright, Basil Bayne, Gill McNeill, Chris McCullough, Ian Harvey and Rodney Magowan. New member Rachel Martin now joins the committee.

Awards 2018

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