ABP Clones and the southern and all-island AGMs

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The Guild of Agricultural Journalists of Ireland held its southern section AGM and all-island AGM in Cavan this year. VIEW THE PICTURES HERE or click below to continue reading.The AGMs were preceded by a visit to the ABP processing facility in Clones, along with a farm visit to ABP suppliers, Caroline and Freddie Merrin. ABP also kindly sponsored an evening meal at the Kilmore Hotel in Cavan.

The day’s events were well attended by members. Finbarr McDonnell, managing director, ABP Beef, Ireland addressed members, presenting insights to the ABP business and answering questions around breeding, exports and the future of the industry. This was followed by three tours of ABP’s factory at Clones, including its Temple Grandin-designed lairage facility.

After this, members visited the Merrin family-farm, which supplies ABP Clones. Members enjoyed a barbecue, courtesy of ABP, at the farm, before hearing from Paul Matthews (ABP Livestock) about the farm’s grassland management, which Paul described as first class. Afterwards, Freddie and Caroline Merrin brought Guild members on a tour of the farm.

The day’s activities were followed by the southern and All-island AGM and the day concluded with dinner, kindly sponsored by ABP.

At the southern AGM, it was noted that long-serving Committee member and former Chair of the Guild of Agricultural Journalists of Ireland southern section, Pat O’Keeffe was stepping down from the Committee. Three new committee members were elected to the southern Committee: Elaine Crosse, Maeve Desmond and Nina Ni Dhuinn.

The all-island AGM the office bearers remain the same: Sam Butler (President), Niall Madigan (Secretary) and Roz O’Shaughnessy (Treasurer). It was agreed that the term of the President and the international delegate be extended to three years.

Awards 2018

  • 11-EU9A8902
  • 12-EU9A8904
  • 13-EU9A8920
  • 14-EU9A8926
  • 15-EU9A8931
  • 16-EU9A8937
  • 17-EU9A8941
  • 2-EU9A8863
  • 20-EU9A8954
  • 21-EU9A8957
  • 23-EU9A8970
  • 24-EU9A8972
  • 25-EU9A8983
  • 27-EU9A9002
  • 28-EU9A9006
  • 29-EU9A9010
  • 3-EU9A8865
  • 30-EU9A9015
  • 32-EU9A9031
  • 33-EU9A9038
  • 35-EU9A9054
  • 36-EU9A9058
  • 37-EU9A9066
  • 39-EU9A9090
  • 4-EU9A8870
  • 41-EU9A9095
  • 44-EU9A9128
  • 47-EU9A9147
  • 48-EU9A9189
  • 51-EU9A9199
  • 52-EU9A9207
  • 55-EU9A9216
  • 56-EU9A9219
  • 57-EU9A9225
  • 58-EU9A9235
  • 59-EU9A9241
  • 6-EU9A8877
  • 60-EU9A9246
  • 61-EU9A9252
  • 62-EU9A9261
  • 63-EU9A9274
  • 65-EU9A9297
  • 66-EU9A9315
  • 68-EU9A9334
  • 7-EU9A8882
  • 74-EU9A9362
  • 76-EU9A9368
  • 77-EU9A9379
  • 8-EU9A8890
  • 9-EU9A8894